As an RN for 21 years, 12 years of those as a nurse informaticist, I’ve worked with health information technology and data in informatics and quality improvement departments and vendor and startup settings. Through lessons learned, trial and error, and changing roles, I’ve learned so much about the power of HIT and innovation and the nurses who use it.

My nursing and informatics journey has had its challenges, mainly coming to understand healthcare technology’s and data’s significance in nursing and how to find my sense of ingenuity in our scientific world. For some time, I’ve been passionate about getting to the heart of “Why evolve”?

Through the years, I’ve come to three glaring conclusions about working with technology, data, and creativity (TDC) in different care environments.

With tech and data, many nurses –

  1. Don’t always realize the ways they already use TDC in patient care to save lives
  2. Lack the understanding of how empowered they are to change practice using TDC
  3. Feel in the dark about how to use TDC to improve care in their settings

Does this sound like you?

Even nurse informaticists, with a fundamental understanding of tech and data, can better harness their creative talents and help further their use to invent what’s next in nursing: new systems and processes, tools, instruments and gadgets that genuinely impact patient care.

Why evolve and join me and expertly use TDC to change nursing practice?

Together we can improve:


Using technology, data and non-traditional thinking promote safe, quality, evidence-based and efficient nursing care that results in healthier communities and improves patient and caregiver experience.


Engaging in new ways to improve practice shows nursing’s value and ingenuity; it modernizes, authenticates, and advances healing in the 21st century and enhances the profession.


Stimulating continuous learning through creation strengthens nursing skills, expands personal boundaries of the self, and promotes change, which develops a holistic nurse.


Accurately representing nurses who use technology and data to innovate is essential for the workforce and public to understand – to present the truth of our trade and the value we contribute to healthcare.

Forward Thinking

In the changing climate of nursing, encouraging the expert of use technology, data and creation accelerate change and the nursing nucleus.

Through what I’ve learned, I want you to join me on an exciting journey to use TDC in practice to invent what’s next in nursing care.

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