We are #Nurses4HIT

As aspiring and practicing informatics nurses, with collaboration and guidance, we can advance nursing practice through the expert use of Healthcare IT

Nursing Informatics is now more important (and exciting!) than ever

Nurse Evolution is on a mission to guide nurses to catalyze the digital healthcare landscape to optimize individuals’ and communities’ health, the patient and nurse experience, and advance nursing practice and the profession, with a vision to cultivate new ways of caring through the use of Health IT.

Nurse Evolution is an information hub for nursing informaticists

Learn about topics such as health tech, data analytics, emerging technologies and innovation. Resources include blogs and articles, videos, tutorials, and recommended websites and books.

A message from Nurse Evolution Founder Whende Carroll

With a breadth of experience in the healthcare industry, laser-focused on digital health, I’ve gained valuable insight into the benefits that nurses bring to enhance patient care delivery and operations in our challenging healthcare ecosystem. The Nurse Evolution website serves as a hub to share my nursing informatics expertise to advance the specialty and support nurses in the Healthcare IT sector. We aim to help you understand the value you bring to critical health IT projects in hospitals, clinics, and non-profit, vendor, start-up and big IT settings and environments.

The Evolution starts with nurses’ understanding of how new technologies, advanced data analytics, and innovation concepts work together. These arms are changing the processes and systems of how patient care is delivered. In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, nurses are well-positioned changemakers. Traditional nursing roles are transforming, and it has never been more important for nurses to use technology, data, and creativity to improve practice and patient outcomes and demonstrate their value on a global level. To be the next creators and owners of models, businesses, and products that are boldly disrupting healthcare. The future is now. Let’s evolve.

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