Essential Evolution Reading

ANA Nursing Informatics Scopes

Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse - 3rd Edition

This award-winning, third-edition resource uniquely integrates national goals with nursing practice to achieve safe, efficient quality of care through technology management and emphasizes the importance of federal policy in digitally transforming the U.S. healthcare delivery system, addressing its evolution and current policy initiatives to engage consumers and promote interoperability of the IT infrastructure nationwide. A broad array of notable health professionals reinforces the book’s focus on interprofessional, with themes of point-of-care applications, data management, analytics, and understanding compensation regulations and factors for nurse informaticists.

Healthcare Informatics: Strategies for the Digital Era

Nursing Informatics: Truths, Talent, and Transforming the Future

Expert nurse technology pioneers, emerging leaders, and award-winning informatics nurses provide practicing and aspiring nurse informaticists with an acute understanding of current and evolving healthcare trends and roles and how healthcare organizations and industry leaders benefit from nurses’ informatics talent to add immense value in the current and future healthcare technology landscape. It will inspire nursing informaticists to confidently create, advocate for, and manage their presence in the healthcare technology industry and better understand nurses’ contribution, knowledge, the nursing informatics specialty, and how nurses – the patient’s voice – lead the cultivation of innovative healthcare tech solutions.

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century

Fast Facts in Health Informatics for Nurses

This Fast Facts series book provides nurses and nursing students with a concise, step-by-step introduction to the essentials of informatics and its impact on patient lives, expanding upon integral systems and technologies within healthcare organizations and their effects on the responsibilities of the individual nurse with healthcare data, data mining, and data organization, connecting day-to-day informatics practices to more significant initiatives and perspectives.

ANA Nursing Informatics Scopes

ANA Nursing Informatics Scopes and Standards of Practice – 3rd Edition

This book describes a competent level of nursing care at each level of nursing informatics by providing a comprehensive overview of the dynamic and complex practice of the nursing informatics specialty. The text contains national practice standards and performance and defines the who, what, where, when, why, and how’s of informatics nursing.

Healthcare Informatics: Strategies for the Digital Era

Healthcare Informatics: Strategies for the Digital Era

This essential reading delves into facets of the digital economy and how healthcare is adapting to the population’s geographic, demographic, and physical needs and highlights the emergence and importance of apps and telehealth in our emerging global digital health environment.

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century

Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century – Embracing a Digital World

The Nursing and Informatics for the 21st Century four-book series is the updated edition, co-published by the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). It examines the revolution that has occurred in nursing and explores the role IT plays in this transformation. These texts are a thoughtful collective examination of nursing informatics practice, science, research, and education across the globe.

Introduction to Nursing Informatics

Introduction to Nursing Informatics – Blue Book, Springer EU

This vital nursing informatics textbook is a primer for practicing nurses and students in undergraduate programs of study and includes contributions from leading international experts who have practiced in the field for many years. It encourages readers to explore the fundamental concepts of nursing practice, digital health, health information management, and its relationship to informatics.

Health Informatics - Multidisciplinary Approaches for Current and Future Professionals

Health Informatics - Multidisciplinary Approaches for Current and Future Professionals

This book examines how chief information officers, medical officers, nurse information officers, futurists, nurse informaticists, pharmacists, providers, public health professionals, software developers, systems security officers, and workforce experts collaborate on a “team-based,” IT-enabled approach to improve healthcare.

A Nurse's Guide to Innovation ~ Accelerating the Journey

No matter where you are on the journey of innovation, whether you have just come up with the “million-dollar idea”, are a few years into your business, or want to learn to think like an innovator, this book is a great resource.

Evidence-Based Leadership, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in Nursing and Healthcare

Delivers a practical leadership approach that will thrive in today’s healthcare environment. This application-based text is designed to cultivate nursing and healthcare leaders who embrace the demands and opportunities of today’s healthcare environment, which is rooted in innovation.

Emerging Technologies for Nurses ~ Implications for Practice

This textbook, written by nurses for nurses, introduces all nurses in every practice setting to emerging data-driven advances in the technology industry, just beginning to be used in healthcare delivery and operations today and will shape the future of nursing practice.

The Rebel Nurse Handbook

This compilation of stories from more than 40 diverse nurse leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs portrays the winding and demanding paths that every nurse has braved in order to improve themselves, their patients’ care, and the healthcare of today.

Big Data-Enabled Nursing-Education, Research, and Practice

This text educates the readers on the evolution of knowledge discovery methods that span qualitative as well as quantitative data mining, including the expanse of data visualization capacities, are enabling sophisticated discovery. New opportunities for nursing and call for new skills in research methodologies are being further enabled by new partnerships spanning all sectors.